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BT analogue lines

ISDN 2e 

ISDN 30e 

SIP trunks 

VoIP telephony

Calls for under 1p per minute

CPS: call routing

Consolidated billing -

Up to 25% discount on your BT line rentals

CTI integrated telephone systems

Data & voice services

Ancillary hardware + accessories

One-stop account care

Comprehensive mobile packages

Intelligent mobile solutions

Broadband services

Non-Geographic numbers

  • First of all we can save you money. We will carry your telephone call traffic at a more attractive rate than industry benchmark BT.

         Retain your own telephone number
       No additional equipment required
      No access codes to dial
       No degradation of service

    How does it work?

    Ofcom deregulation states that telephone users have the right to select the carrier they wish. This is known as Carrier Pre-Select (CPS) and is done instantaneously when a call is initiated.

    Can you consolidate the BT bills for line rental as well?

    Yes, and not only that, we can reduce your BT line rental charges by up to 25%.

    What does it cost?

    There is no charge for this service. We buy directly from BT Wholesale and pass the savings onto our clients.

    This sounds great! What do we have to do to transfer over to Freestyle Communications?

    You simply forward us your telephone numbers (and BT account number) and we will do the rest within around 14 days.